Monday, January 31, 2005

Patrik's first solo!

Patrik achieved his first solo climb! He sent 'SE Corner Crack' in 'Unaccessible Boulder' at Stone Farm. Well, the climb is only 4b but it has an unexpectedly savage start (for its grade), and some easy but bold moves at the top. This route is perhaps the easiest way to access this unaccessible piece of rock, otherwise there is no other way to put a rope up there unless you solo some of the other harder (and bolder) climbs!

Stone Farm

The tricky Key Wall in Stone Farm Pinnacle
This weekend we went to Stone Farm near East Grinstead. Another outstanding sandstone crop, where the word 'sandstone' really achieves the essense of its meaning, because literally the rock 'sands away' from beneath your hands and feet. The rocks are very eroded, and the grades seem misleading, probably because of the erosion. Expect a fierce struggle while climbing 'easy' routes like Key Wall (4c) in the amazing Stone Farm Pinnacle. The setting of the rocks is impressive, they are very exposed and you can enjoy amazing views down to the Weir Wood Reservoir. Visiting the rocks is a very nice experience.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Under Rockes

Two sundays ago I climbed my first 5c, the nicest thing is that I flashed it! Here goes the pic, the brilliant Central Crack at Under Rockes, a little gem hidden in the woods. Left of the crack is Pot Holed Wall, which contains other brilliant climbs, all rated 5c and above (definetedly not a crag for beginners!). Right side of the crag is Evening Arete, perhaps the hardest 5b I've ever done! Highly recommended.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Eridge Green Demolition

Here I am posting my first blog. My fingers hurt when I type on the keyboard. Yesterday we went to Eridge Green Rocks, near Tunbridge Wells, to practice a bit of rock climbing. After tackling some 5b and 5c overhanging cracks, my hands were left a bloody mess. So here I am, withstanding the pain and resting to recover from this demolition ...